Big Fish Small Fish is a unique café offering a Fish and Crisps meal. The highlight would be the free flow of sauces which enhance our Fish & Crisps meal and are simply addictive. Come and enjoy a total dining experience - it's beyond fish & chips.
Family Bucket

A bucket to share with your friends and family! Everyone loves it big, so we make it very big!


Juicy chicken thighs, ready to be fried or grilled! Chicken thighs are marinated with our chefs' secret recipe, making sure every bite you take is a flavourful one. Dish is served with a side of your choice.


An Italian origin dish. Italian taste is infused with a succulent touch of our freshly fried/grilled fishes, granting the best experience of the both worlds. All the sauces are freshly made in house to make sure the taste is not compromised.


Particularly satisfying dish for the bread hunters! Dish is served with our fragrant sesame buns, paired with our freshly battered protein and onion fritters and drizzled with our signature sauce.

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